The Automated Abode

Home automation is the current buzz and is making its way into our lives at a pace that will soon bring us into a world of smart homes that works as you direct, understands what you say and function as per your needs.

Rebooting the Healthcare System with Artificial Intelligence

The Healthcare system is the lifeline of any country and in these tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world is between a rock and hard place, our healthcare systems have fallen to their knees. The shortage of medical staff, oxygen and other supplies put things into a new perspective on how the healthcare system can be improved. Can smart technology help us here? And the answer to this question is yes!

Smart Cities, Rurban Population!

Smart City Mission was launched as competition in the year 2015 where the state governments were asked to nominate the cities to take part. The administration was then further asked to submit the details and plans called SCP’s they had for cities and after proper analyzing the top 100 cities were selected to be a part of the Smart City Mission.

AI on Roads: Saving the Time and People

For a long time, cities have been challenged for providing safe and fast intra-city transportation, especially the mega-cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. There have been numerous experiments too, but none of them matches the competency and the self-improving nature of the artificial intelligence measures.

The New Dawn For Automation

For years, Industry 4.0 has been a term that has grabbed the attention of not just business leaders, but political leaders too. Offering increased interconnectivity and networked intelligence through the Internet of Things (IoT) or other cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0 is far more interlinked than revolutions before. Automation forms a core part of Industry 4.0, replacing laborious tasks with automated processes and in doing so up skilling the workforce. The automation trend is only gaining momentum. Some observation suggests that workplace automation will lead the economy in future.

An Insight to Urban Automation

There was a time when the discovery of electricity redefined almost everything to what we see today. Now, Robotics and Automation technology are two fields that by all means have the potential to bring massive revolution in the upcoming time. Automation to be specific, is about having technology to do things for you without much effort of yours. It can be divided into several categories based upon the sector that it’ll be implemented in. One such category is Urban Automation, and as the name suggests it deals with technologies to achieve outcomes with minimal human inputs at conurbation levels